Youthful Jewelry Sensual Carnelian Stone Nugget Woven In Silk Thread tn8TWRPN

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    A declaration of grace dyed shells woven in silk thread with glass beads Carnelian Stone Nuggetts & Carnelian stone delicate sensuality

    This is elegant sleek jewelry is for revitalizing your soul. Its all about feeling energized confident & sexy evening or casual wear. This is matching Silk Thread interwoven with small Carnelian Chips. this fashion jewellery is a must have for fashion savvy.<br><b>Length :</b> 16 inches extended upto 2 inches <br><b>Earrings :</b> Dangling Earrings measures 1 1/2 inches long<br><b>Drop Down :</b> 1 3/4 inches<br><br><b>Guarantee :</b> 100% satisfaction for material & workmanship used in making this jewelry