Melano Vivid Resin MeddyS, G, Nude KFitsQrQ

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    Add another dimension of individuality to your MelanO pieces with the gorgeous collection of Resin Toppers from the Vivid Collection. Crafted from stainless steel and plated with Yellow Gold, this topper is accented with a circular resin detail in peachy Pink . Pink is considered the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. Mix this resin topper with your sparkling Cubic Zirconia toppers for unlimited looks. KEY FEATURES Polished stainless steel plated with Yellow Gold and set a resin centre in Nude Topper Width: 5mm (Also Available in 7mm) Easily attaches to any composable ring, necklace or bracelet Resin centre sits flush with topper Available in Sterling Silver plating, 18ct Gold and 18ct Rose Gold plating with a range of Resin centres. Supplier Product Code: M01SR 9030 G N NUDE