Long Necklace White Pearls Clear Acrylic Beads Multi Shaped Size Beads 2D7S4HjM

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    This magnificent necklace features Clear transparent Acrylic beads White Pearl and different shape and sizes beads accented in interwoven double stranded necklace. A cluster of iridescent multifaceted glass beads Long Necklace dresses and would look pretty with many of dresses. Celebrate your individuality. Variations in the color and pattern of each beads add the beauty to the necklace<br><br><b>Material Used :</b> Clear Transparent Acrylic beads pearls and different shape and sizes beads acceneted in introwen double stranded necklace neckalce<br><b>Necklace Length:</b> LOng 34 inches Long and inner is 28 inches long <b><br><b>Guarantee: </b> 100% Satisfaction for Material & Workmanship used in making this Jewelry