All Seeing and Feeling Eye of Horus Amulet Couples Blue Simulated Cats Eye Simulated Onyx Bracelets AsCw2VOz

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    CoolAmulets® Collection. Absolutely Fabulous and Unique Amulet Bracelets made from Shiny Polished Stainless Steel and Genuine Leather. Perfect for Love Couples or Best Friends Sharing as Unique and Magic Amulets.Each Bracelet Size: Adjusts from 7 up to 9 inches. Has two Male/Female Buckle Screws which may be Removed and/or adjusted to your Wrist Size if necessary.  Each Amulet Bracelet holds Very Cute and Special Round Cabochon to make it look Unique and Eye Catching.Ready to Wear. Leather Stripe is about 2.5 to 3mm thick. Stainless Steel Tag and Leather Stripe are about 2.5 inches Wide.Comes with Gift Kind Packaging.

    Absolutely Unique and Special Amulet Bracelets. Each is Created as All Seeing and Feeling Eye of Horus Magical Amulets. One Bracelet is Adorned with Round Cabochon holding Sky Blue Simulated Cats Eye Crystal and another one is Adorned with Simulated Black Onyx Crystal. Each of these Unique Bracelets are made from Genuine Leather and may be adjusted to fit smaller or bigger wrists. These Bracelet are made from Black Genuine Leather and Looks Amazing. Bracelet Tag is Curved to fit with the Wrist Shape and is made from Highly Polished and Beautiful Stainless Steel.

    Share one All Seeing and Feeling Eye of Horus Magical Amulet Bracelet with someone you Love and Care about. Great for Love Couples and Best Friends Sharing to stay connected with each other every step of the way. 

    Amulet meaning:

    Provides Super Natural Intuition and Possibilities. Has Healing and Protective powers. The senses are ordered according to their importance, which represent Smell, Sight, Touch, Thought, Hearing, Taste and abilities that Humans share with the Gods.